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Emergency Prepardness

By definition, emergencies happen when we don't expect them, and often when families are not together. Suddenly, you need to think about your kids at school or elderly parents across town. If phones don't work, or some neighbourhoods aren't accessible, what will you do?

Having a family emergency plan will save time and make real situations less stressful.

Take 20 minutes and make your family emergency plan online. You can then print it out.

Get Your Emergency Preparedness Guide as an eBook (EPUB).

You may have some of these basic emergency kit items already, such as a flashlight, battery-operated radio, food, water and blankets. The key is to make sure they are organized, easy to find and easy to carry (in a suitcase with wheels or in a backpack) in case you need to evacuate your home. Whatever you do, don't wait for a disaster to happen.

Check off the items for your 72-hour emergency kit as you accumulate them.

Basic Emergency Kit Items

Where to buy an emergency kit
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